AccuHub for ERP Solutions

AccuHub helps you take full control of your business, It is as powerful as it is easy to use. Enables you to take informed decisions well in time to remain ahead of your competition. It forms a backbone of your business to add strength, transparency and control to your enterprise. AccuHub is a modern tool that covers not only accounting but also all other business functions, on an integrated platform.

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Features available at AccuHub

AccuHub provides most application services required to run a Small and Medium sized Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution or Services business on single platform available 24/7. You only require internet connection and browser to see every detail of your business on-the-go.

Financials, A/P and A/R

It helps to meet the budget needs and attain a timely report of company’s financial activity. A/P and A/R modules offer convinience in payment processes and tracing receivables etc.


The sale module assists in sales quotation and invoice automation, evaluating sales and keeping the records of work orders, shipments, order tracking and proposals.


Procurement/purchasing module provides a complete control on buying process ranging from vendor selection to quoting and receiving, inspection, cost accrual and payment.


Manufacturing module helps in choosing the best suitable method needed to develop a product, maneuvers the process improvement, lower operating cost etc.


The manufacturing module keeps track of material inventory and keeps the most recent status of all the inventory items and stock levels at various warehouses and stores.


This module shows the general details about a certain project, for instance, different activities in a task, time log for a certain task, cost of various activities etc.

Human Resources and Payroll

Modules such as human resources and payroll management helps to maintain the employee records (profile, attendance etc.) and assists in salary processing and provident fund etc. respectively.

Customer Support

It is our responsibility to fully satisfy our customers in every way possible from making cost effective and correct use of the product to installing and troubleshooting the product etc. Moreover our team can be conatcted anytime if there are any queries.

Retail Point of Sales

The sales module improves the customer service and POS as well as provides marketing ideas that are suitable for the distribution, orders and repetitive or process environment of the company.


The team will help you build an amazing website, which can be managed easily and will help you interact with your clients. Also you can post the updates on the website.

Advantage Of Accu Hub

Access from anywhere. All programs on the internet.

A private server for each subscription.

Automatic periodic backups.

Your data is secure and encrypted

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Benefits over big ERPs

$$$ - Saves money

Easier to configure: Big ERPs are notoriously hard to setup and will ask you a zillion questions before you can do something meaningful.

Easier to use: Modern web like user interface will keep your users happy and in familiar territory.

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